Bagsafe is finally here! Meticulous planning and design, in-depth market research and customer care have turned this product into a must-have for all bars, eateries and coffee shops. Help your customers keep their BAGS & personal belongings SAFE - CLEAN - TIDY with easy access!


Reduce the risk of theft in your establishment.

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High Quality Guaranteed

Bagsafe is an unique attachment which keeps handbags off the floor and in a more secure safe place, under the table with easy access.

Customer Care

Bagsafe can help prevent theft!
Its a   fitting available for most single pedestal tables. Easy to use and fully adjustable!

The Facts

Handbags are often kicked underfoot in restaurants, bars and coffee shops. They are also frequently hung on the back of a chair, making valuables vulnerable to thieves.

The most frequent kind of purse theft is 'handbag dipping', where offenders remove purses from handbags left unzipped or unattended.

(Police statement, 2019)



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